What to consider for your QA/QC workflows in Cyclone REGISTER 360

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This webinar discusses the fundamental QA/QC processes in Cyclone REGISTER 360 by using a combination of pre-registered and unregistered project data. The session will demonstrate features within Cyclone REGISTER 360 that can be used in quality control procedures and how this can benefit downstream users.

The 1-hour webinar is for both existing and new users. Existing users can consolidate their knowledge on Leica Geosystems reality capture solutions and new users can learn how to realise productivity gains with Leica Geosystems reality capture solutions.

Gregg Franz, Reality Capture Manager at Leica Geosystems and Tim Jervis, Building Construction BDM at Global Survey will cover the following topics:

  • An in-depth overview of the fundamental QA/QC processes in Cyclone REGISTER 360
  • Tips on interrogating a data set
  • Using Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 software and the Leica Geosystems Universal project file (LGS) file to amplify productivity gains and simplify the QA/QC processes
  • Combining pre-registered and registered data on projects for more powerful and flexible workflows
  • Architectural, civil and construction workflows