On-Demand WEBINAR: No base, No CORS station- How to use GNSS receivers?


Many measurement professionals can find themselves in situations where there is no local reference network. What can they do? The answer is Precise Point Positioning (PPP).

Achieve real-time centimetre accurate positioning worldwide with Smartlink, a PPP service used when working in remote areas around the globe. SmartLink does not require a local RTK base station or network RTK infrastructure to operate, meaning lower capital investments in equipment and ease of use. 


In this webinar you can learn how SmartLink helps you to: 

  • Measure in a distant place where there is no network of reference points, and no RTK network service.
  • Work in a field where there is RTK correction due to cell phone interruptions. How do you continue doing your job with centimetre-level accuracy without stopping and without RTK corrections, for any length of time? 
  • Work in a place where there is an RTK correction, but it is not available for some reason. How can you continue doing your job with centimeter-level accuracy without stopping and without RTK corrections for a temporary period of time (approx. 10 minutes)? 


Join our industry expert as we uncover how to use the GNSS Receiver in remote areas with no base station nor CORS stations. 




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