Andrew Fredericks, iNPUT-ACE
Ryan Rezzelle & Chenel Georget, Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon

When you’re called to investigate a crime or crash scene, how do you make sure you quickly and safely capture all the evidence you need to close the case and bring the perpetrator to justice, regardless of when the case goes to trial? How do you effectively integrate video evidence with point clouds to rapidly create courtroom-ready exhibits that are truthful and compelling?
Recent technology advances make it easy to achieve these goals. New laser scanners like the Leica RTC360 enable fast and accurate digital data capture of entire scenes, while the Leica BLK360 provides an easy entry to laser scanning. Using iNPUT-ACE and Leica Geosystems Map360, investigators can overlay video evidence on their 3D point cloud data, creating impactful court-ready demonstrative exhibits. These powerful tools enable you to document and map your scenes faster and more confidently than ever before. Watch our on-demand webinar to explore how the right combination of hardware and software can give you the edge in your investigations.

Featured Case Study
Years ago, when a Kentucky motorcyclist had a fatal collision with a bus, investigators collected video evidence and in-depth point cloud data from the scene and inside the bus. New reverse projection techniques equip investigators with the ability to place the video evidence right on the 3D point cloud, enabling them to get accurate measurements and show new perspectives like never before. Join us as we look at this case and the technology that makes it possible.
You’ll learn: 

  • Why video and laser scanning are becoming essential tools for scene documentation
  • How to combine video evidence with point clouds to determine positions, distances, heights and other key measurements
  • How to create court-ready 2D and 3D exhibits from laser scan data and video evidence
  • How to place information back into a scene that was moved prior to scanning
  • How to include “pre-impact” data in collisions that didn’t leave physical traces but were captured to video
  • How to overcome budget limitations to obtain the technology your agency needs

Watch now to discover how easy it can be to take your investigations to the next level by combining video evidence and point clouds.

WARNING: Graphic content. This webinar includes video footage of a fatal accident. Viewer discretion is advised.



On-Demand Webinar

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