Presenter: Detective Sergeant Brad Joice, Commander, Forensic Identification Unit, York Regional Police

With Andrew Fredericks, iNPUT-ACE, and Chenel Cordonier, Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon

One of the greatest advantages to using 3D laser scanning is the ability to collect and capture data that isn’t significant at the time but might become important later. A case handled by the York Regional Police Forensic Identification Unit illustrates this point well. A shooting in a café left two people dead and two others critically injured. By the time the case reached court two years later, the café had undergone a total renovation. A video analyst for the defense testified that the gunman in the video was significantly shorter than the accused based on calculations compared to other features in the café. Fortunately, the ability to overlay the video footage on the point cloud data provided the evidence needed to refute this testimony and bring the case to justice.

In this on-demand webinar, Detective Sergeant Brad Joice, Commander of the Forensic Identification Unit for York Regional Police, will walk through the process used to document the scene and create concise courtroom-ready deliverables.

You’ll learn:

  • Why 3D laser scanning is imperative for fast, accurate and comprehensive scene documentation
  • How to use point cloud data with trajectory rods for accurate trajectory analysis
  • How to measure vertical and horizontal angles from point clouds

  • How to create clear, compelling 2D diagrams—including bullet path reconstruction diagrams—from point clouds

  • How to combine point clouds and video evidence to determine positions, distances, heights and other key measurements using iNPUT-ACE with Leica Geosystems Map360 software

Watch the webinar now to get valuable insights that will help you advance your scene mapping skills.

On-Demand Webinar

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