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Discover the key to maximizing safety, agility and productivity in food and beverage processing plants.

Now more than ever, change is a constant in food and beverage processing. Whether you’re innovating products and packaging to address shifts in consumer preferences, accommodating mergers and acquisitions or adjusting to new regulations, rapid retooling is the norm. Today’s nimblest and most successful operations have a key advantage: access to accurate, current and complete digital as-built documentation captured with 3D laser scanning.

With digital as-built data on your facilities, stakeholders throughout your organization can easily access and evaluate entire assets from anywhere, gain visibility into design and modeling activities, and make faster decisions with confidence. Retrofits and new projects can be completed safely and quickly with minimal impact on production. Additionally, operations and maintenance can be optimized to prevent problems and minimize costs. All these benefits strengthen your competitive position in the market.

In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll hear from experts who have scanned dozens of food and beverage processing facilities to provide a powerful digital remote management experience. Get the inside scoop on:

  • Why laser scanning is the best way to document food and beverage processing facilities
  • How to overcome the most common hurdles to moving a scanning project forward
  • How to get involved in the scanning process to maximize results
  • What to expect from your deliverables
  • How to use laser scanning and digital remote management to gain a competitive edge

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Expert Panelists

Ryan Hacker, President, TruePoint Laser Scanning, LLC Michael Pfaff, Reality Capture Practice Area Leader, Wightman  Travis Sachs, Chief Operating Officer, 3DS Technologies Inc. Bruce Bowditch, Industrial Plant Solutions Specialist, Leica Geosystems




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