The BLK3D captures images and places precise measurements at your fingerprints. Share images and measurements in multiple formats. Great for Cladding Contractors, Fire Risk Assessment Professionals, Scaffolders, Estate Agents, Roofers and Solar Panel Engineers. The Leica BLK3D is a measurement solution based on photos. Each photo captured is a complete measurement record which contains height, width, and depth measurements. Measurements can be created at any point, right away on-site using the handheld BLK3D Imager, or at any point in time thereafter using the BLK3D Desktop Software. There is no risk of forgetting any essential measures.

Increased Efficiency with Leica BLK3D

"We use the BLK3D on 80% of our projects. It allows us to perform quick exterior surveys on large properties in minutes, not hours. Unlike other traditional methods, a survey is done with safety and efficiency for our team and without disturbing the building's occupants" explains Richard Morris, façade engineer and surveyor at MAF Associates.
Read the case study and learn how MAF Associates use the Leica BLK3D to inspect and evaluate the exterior of buildings.


Reduce time spent on site. Create quotes and material planning in the office.

All measurements required, e.g. determining the amount of scaffolding needed for a project, can now be created using the Leica BLK3D Desktop Software. Measurable images are taken on-site, and the actual measurements needed to provide customers with fast and competitive quotes are created in the office. This significantly reduces the time spent measuring on-site and enables you to write more quotes in the same time.


Overcome measurement challenges.

The Leica BLK3D enables you to easily measure hard-to-reach areas, such as bay windows, pitched roofs, balconies, roof overhangs, building and window heights safely from the ground. Even measurements that previously may have required a laser distance meter, a second person, and a target plate, can now be created in an image.


Documentation with pictures and measurements.

Virtual site visits are made possible with the BLK3D. Attached your measurable images to a plan and organise them in project folders. This allows you to recall all the project information and create additional measurements at any point. If project requirements change, no additional site visits are needed. Simply create the other measurements in the stored images on your desktop computer and provide your customers with an updated quote at no extra cost.


BLK3D portable photogrammetry tool
AC power adapter
Neck strap

Dimensions (H x W x D) 180.6 x 77.6 x 27.1 mm

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Samuel Long - Leica BLK3D Specialist


Safety and peace of mind.

You can use the Leica BLK3D to document your work, too. Simply take pictures of the on-site and have measurable proof that the work delivered complies with regulations.

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Please download the free workflow document, including ‘how-to-videos’, a sample BLK3D PDF report, and much more. Plus, feel free to use the ‘comments box’ to let us know your questions.

Download the free workflow document


Free Download

Download the workflow document now to see how the Leica BLK3D is a unique all-in-one solution.

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