Think Forward Webinar Series

Learn from Simon Pedley of Leica Geosystems as he explores mapping and managing risks involved with utility coordination.


Subsurface utility engineering (SUE) is a rapidly evolving field that promises tremendous growth opportunities for today’s surveying and engineering firms. The process of identifying, mapping and managing risks involved with utility coordination, relocation and condition assessment, SUE and utility designating surveys is in high demand because of its ability to reduce project costs, prevent delays and increase safety.

Whether you’re already involved in SUE or looking for new opportunities to expand your business into this exciting area of service, knowing about the latest standards and technologies is crucial.This downloadable PDF version of the webinar presentation explores what you need to know about utility detection and mapping.

You’ll learn:

  • What SUE is and where it’s going
  • Why state-sponsored free utility marking services often fall short
  • Where the biggest opportunities are for surveyors
  • How the latest SUE standards affect service providers
  • How technology innovation is changing client expectations
  • How to maximize your value – and business success – in SUE

Download this resource today to discover how you can take your surveys to the next level underground.

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