Cyclone 3DR Touch Mode:

All-in-one, all in the field 


Join us for an exciting webinar as we introduce the forthcoming release of Cyclone 3DR Touch Mode. The new Touch Mode feature is a new way of interacting with Cyclone 3DR on Windows-based tablets for in-field applications. It is an expanded capability of the existing Leica Cyclone 3DR license for which there is no additional purchase required. The first release of Cyclone 3DR Touch Mode supports rapid in-field inspection workflows designed with AEC professionals in mind.
Cyclone 3DR is designed to streamline the processing of projects by eliminating the need for in-office data preparation. Users can now conduct key inspection workflows in the field, benefiting from the accuracy and reliability of Cyclone 3DR desktop software, while delivering detailed, actionable results rapidly whilst away from the office.
Cyclone 3DR leverages the survey-grade results of Cyclone FIELDWORX, allowing users to go from raw data to final deliverables in a matter of minutes, plus leverage  LGS, PTS and E57 files that can be generated from Cyclone or Cyclone REGISTER 360 running on the same tablet.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Where Touch Mode fits in the Leica field-to-finish workflow
  • Which workflows and tools are available to users
  • How to access Touch Mode and switch back to Desktop Mode
  • Setting up a Touch-Mode project
  • Importing a point cloud and a 3D model 
  • Running an analysis 
  • Using advanced tools in desktop mode
  • Reporting and sharing with project stake-holders


PLUS! Join us after the event for a LIVE Q&A Session with The Product Manager. See the sign up links to the right to register and submit your questions. 


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