Leica Cyclone 3DR 2021.2 - New Features and Improvements for BIM, the BLK ARC and Beyond


This webinar will discuss the Cyclone 3DR 2021.2 release with a special focus on BIM applications.  

BIM has quickly become an inescapable part of most architecture and construction projects. BIM users need simple, efficient ways to produce, as-built models, segment and classify those models and exchange information between BIM tools to collaborate with stakeholders. With the latest release of Cyclone 3DR (2021.2), a range of improvements for BIM applications have been introduced which can help users to streamline their BIM creation and management process.

Autonomous sensors such as the newly announced BLK ARC are the next evolution in BIM, letting users capture data quickly, safely and remotely. 

In addition to Cyclone 3DR’s role in mission planning for the BLK ARC, the latest release, includes support for point cloud classification, mesh segmentation, new scan-to-plan options and support for exporting to LGS and BCF formats. Combined, these improvements help users more seamlessly integrate scan data into BIM workflows.