Transform Your Plant Operations with Digital Data

Discover how 3D laser scanning reality capture can give you faster, safer access to accurate, actionable data. 

3D laser scanning is a non-contact and nondestructive method of digitally capturing physical objects in three dimensions. Using a beam of light, or laser, millions of measurement points can be captured on a tank’s surface in seconds. These combined points are known as a point cloud—a clear and precise digital record of the tank that can be used for analysis and maintenance.

If you’re still using traditional linear measurement methods for tank calibration or surveys, here are three reasons to switch to laser scanning:

  • 3D laser scanning provides a fast and safe way to assess tank integrity. With 3D laser scanning, you can capture comprehensive tank data in a fraction of the time compared to other tank management methods. Virtually no climbing, no lifts or ladders are required.
  • 3D laser scanning provides a reliable way to reduce risk.Using 3D laser scanners with tank software such as Cyclone 3DR enables you to identify problems early in tank maintenance processes and return to the dataset to mine additional information in the future.
  • 3D laser scanning creates an accurate record of existing conditions. You can create calibration reports to the API MPMS 2.2D standard; manage operational risk and monitor for damage, overfill and environmental levels to meet the API 2350 standard; and conform to API standards 650 and 653 for maintenance and inspection. 

3D laser scanning is the fastest, most accurate and safest way to capture tank data. Applying the same technology to your entire operation as part of a standard operating procedure gives you critical intelligence on every aspect of your facility.


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